Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Last Night's Meeting

Last night's East Dulwich Estate Project Team AGM was quorate - but still only about 20 residents out of perhaps 700 from the Estate came along. I am sure that this does reflect some of the scepticism which exists about whether any progress will ever be made on the regeneration. On more than one occasion residents commented that they 'had heard this all before' when officers began setting out proposals and details of what works would be occurring and when. Next week's regular Project Team meeting will be crucial - as officers present last night promised to have available a full timetable and details of works. I think there will be justified uproar if that information is not provided. Stephen Govier was elected as Chair of the Project Team for the year ahead. I am sure that he will ensure that council officers are reminded of the urgency of this project, and Veronica and I are looking forward to working with him.


Jacob said...

Wow - I can't believe how hard you politicos work - posting at 3am. I am interested in getting involved but I don't think I could be sharp at this time of the day. Do you only work as a Councillor? Do you have any social life? Can you reply here or to my Email

Peter John said...

The appearance that I'm utterly committed to the role of councillor and going without sleep is thanks to my failure to adjust the date stamp to GB time - now done. The answer to your questions - yes, I'm a lawyer and no, not much!!

Jacob said...

I am pleased to see this - your pictures do not look as if you are completely shattered but I suppose you would not post those! Thank you for replying so quickly - it is good to see politicians who are prepared to engage with their constituents. I am looking forward to hearing more of your work - but do try to get some play in too.