Thursday, November 30, 2006

LibDems want Hairdressers to Fight Crime!

Seriously - you could not make it up! I laughed out loud today when I read in Southwark News that the current Leader of the Council proposed using hairdressers in the battle against violent crime in the borough. Well it has been another difficult week for him!

So is Cllr Stanton proposing that we have crack patrols of hair stylists ready to shampoo and set at the scene of a serious incident? Can we look forward to a short back and sides from elite barbers when we are next threatened at knife-point?

Sadly not! His proposal for their part in the fight against crime is that they should be used to spread the word about how safe Southwark is!

As my colleague Cllr Paul Bates observes in the Southwark News, "Many residents of the borough will find the leader of the council's statments that hairdressers are the answer to crime a little bizarre". Quite!

One of Southwark's new crime-fighters in action!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Councillor John,
I have read your amusing blog on the subject of the Lib Dem idea of using hairdresser vigilantes to fight crime.
I assume that the intention is that they are to act as extensions to the Warden scheme, by combing the borough looking for people on the fringe of crime and trying to cut the numbers of incidents. This, no doubt, is to be achieved by shaping and styling attitudes and offering to straighten those who have become conditioned to crime. This cannot really be seen as a permanent solution and the actual intention of the Lib Dems will no doubt come out in the wash whilst Councillor Stanton waxes lyrical and tries to claim it as a highlight of his leadership.