Monday, May 14, 2007

Camberwell Grove Update

The saga of Camberwell Grove's bridge closure continues. The latest news is that Phase 1 of the works has been completed by Network Rail, although the necessary second phase of the works will not be completed until July.

I am informed that a decision will then need to be taken on how traffic restrictions on the repaired bridge are implemented as the weight limit on the bridge will mean that only single lane traffic will be permitted at this point. Consultation is promised, although I know that there has been previous consultation on the issue of traffic at this point of Camberwell Grove in the past.

So no early resolution to the road closure. I will post any further information as and when I have it!

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anne tyerman said...

I am concerned that there has been no assessment of the long term effect to the traffic flow of the closure of the grove. At first there was a bottlebeck of traffic round grove park, but it seemsto me that this has now disperesed and other acceptable routes have been discovered. Rather than proceed with this hugely expensive repair job it would be sensible to take the opportunity to investigate what the current traffic problems are and see if thereis reallya need to open up the bridge again.
Anne Tyerman