Monday, January 19, 2009

It is so long...

Since I posted anything on this blog! Christmas and new year have come and gone, and the world has continued its' incredible economic decline. But in Southwark it is business as usual, with the ruling Executive spending millions on new office chairs and council publicity whilst claiming it has got no money for front-line services.

As I have said before - it is all a matter of priorities, and if you think that £5 million for council publicity and £2 million on new office chairs are the most important things to spend council tax income on, then that is a choice you can make. But I am not sure that it will impress those people who used to rely on Age Concern Southwark for their social care assistance, and now find that the contract has been axed. I know that we will hear a lot from the LibDem/Tory Executive over the next few weeks blaming the Government for everything from its budget cuts to the weather! But don't forget about where their spending priorities appear to be.

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