Friday, September 18, 2009

It Just Gets Better!

No sooner have I finished celebrating the good news about The Hamlet than I discover that Grove Park, another road which has suffered with a terrible carriageway and pavements, will get some major work done this year. Money has already been allocated for the carriageway works in this year's main Council budget, and now we have been able to allocate some further funding for at least some of the pavement to be improved this year from our Camberwell budget.

Veronica has been badgering officers for ages about Grove Park - so a big "well done" to her for getting such a great result.

This really does show that even though it might take time, councillors can make a real difference in their wards!

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RoadProAndy said...

I wonder what "improvements" means. I also wonder why the people who will be most affected by such "improvements" are never consulted prior to them being carried out.

Andrew Harris, 110 Grove Park.