Monday, August 02, 2010

A Progress Report

So we are now 75 days into Southwark's Labour Administration and it is worth taking stock of what we have achieved and what programmes we have started.

We have signed two major regeneration deals which had been progressing at a snails-pace under the last administration. At the Elephant and Castle we will see the major redevelopment of an area of Central London, and at Potters Field next to Tower Bridge we will see the completion of the regeneration of this part of our riverside.

We have cut Councillors allowances by over £70,000 - reversing the increases which the previous administration introduced over the past 4 years.

We have saved the green spaces at Nursery Row Park and Brayard's Green, which had been under threat from developers and the last administration.

And we have made it harder for the Council to employ external consultants - just last year Southwark spent over £12 million on consultants. We simply cannot afford to do that at a time when we are facing huge budget cuts from central government.

We are already looking at options to introduce our Free Healthy School Meals policy and in order to meet our pledge to make every council home warm, dry and safe. There is still a long way to go, but we are pushing ahead with our Labour programme to bring a fairer future for all in Southwark.

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Julien said...

Dear Sir,

In the meantime, your Planning Committee has also voted to approve the construction of yet another 671 bed student residence in Cathedral ward, which will be added to the other two which are already under construction nearby (in the same street).

Thank you for disregarding the opinion of people who actually live and pay their taxes in Southwark. I extend my congratulations to the property developers who have managed once more to cram through a much reduced project through the Planning Committee.

Most of the construction work takes place in the North of the borough, yet none of councillors who represent the people who actually live there and suffer the consequences are on the Committee. I guess that knowing that you are not being held accountable to the voters must greatly streamline the decision process.

Best regards