Wednesday, August 03, 2011

South Camberwell News

It's been ages since I posted so I thought I should bring South Camberwell residents up-to-date on two issues.

Firstly, the much unloved "Oriwu Spot" - a pub in Wanley Road on the Cleve Hall Estate, has been sold by the brewery which owned it and has now closed. The Oriwu Spot has long been a source of complaint from local residents about noise and anti-social behaviour, so there are unlikely to be many people who mourn its' passing. Veronica and I met with the new owners on Monday to discuss their plans for the site. Given the history and problems of the building as licensed premises they indicated that they are unlikely to re-open it as a pub. They are likely to draw up plans to redevelop the site as housing with a commitment to some local benefits for the community - through Section 106 contributions. They have committed to working with the community to develop an acceptable scheme. So, I think this is definitely good news for South Camberwell and the residents of the Cleve Hall Estate.

Secondly, after more than 4 years we are still waiting for a proper application to be submitted in respect of the redevelopment of Greendale playing fields. Greendale remains on a lease to Dulwich Hamlet Football Club until 2015 and there has been a lot of discussion about how it might be brought back into use as sports facilities and as a community asset. However, despite meetings, consultations and discussions no planning application has yet been submitted. I am now firmly of the view that DHFC should simply hand the lease back to Southwark Council so that we can develop our own plans for the site. It is amazing that we have such a wonderful green space in our area which simply cannot be used as much as it should be through lack of maintenance and care. Let me know if you agree that Greendale should be given back to the people of Southwark.

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Anon said...

Dear Cllr John, The greendale is such a unique space within Southwark that it really should be saved as a green space for everyone to enjoy. Please do bring it back under council management so that the local community can have a say in what happens to this wildlife haven.