Monday, January 14, 2013

Albrighton All Go!

The Albrighton Community Centre in South Camberwell is a brilliant example of how a well-managed and new community resource can really make a difference.  When I first became a councillor in 2002 the Centre was closed and unused.  It was in need of repairs and neither the council nor the community were taking the lead in sorting things out.

But in the past decade under the leadership of Steve Hedger and some truly committed residents the centre has been transformed into the hub of life in South Camberwell.  From toddlers to older people, the Centre now has activities for everyone.  It hosted last year's Southwark Tenants Conference, and is booked up every day of the week.  This Christmas saw the first older people's Christmas lunch run at the Centre - hailed as a great success.  And the innovative book stall in reception helps raise funds for the Centre's ongoing work.

The number and level of activities might not have been possible without the new Centre building, which was delivered as part of the regeneration of the estate.  It has really made a difference.

So a massive "congratulations" to everyone who has and continues to make the Albrighton Centre an example of what a real community centre should be.

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