Monday, March 18, 2013

South Camberwell Update

It's a while since I have posted - so I thought that I would write and update on a few issues of importance for South Camberwell.

Bakerloo Line Extension
The petition which I launched a few weeks ago now has over 2100 signatures - showing that there is real support for the Bakerloo line to be extended to Camberwell and Peckham.
But last week I made a real breakthrough by getting the support of Boris Johnson for the extension.  After laying out the case for him and asking for his support he said "Deal".  The next day he gave a speech stating his commitment to the Bakerloo extension through Southwark, Lewisham and on into Bromley.
If this major piece of infrastructure work is to happen we will have to have the support of the Mayor, TfL and the government.  But without the Mayor's support this is an idea which will simply not happen.
So if you haven't signed the petition yet, please do so at - and help to make this 100 year old ambition to bring the tube to Camberwell a reality.

Rubbish at Denmark Hill Station
As I walked along Champion Park on Saturday I was struck at the amount of rubbish beyond the railings on Network Rail land.  Cups, cans and crisp packets littered the area.  I have been in touch with Network Rail today and hope to get the area cleaned up - it really needs urgent attention.

The RSPCA have written to me urging me to ignore the Mayor of London's calls for action on foxes.  They write that at least 70% of the fox population would have to be killed each year in order to have an impact on numbers in London - and that experience shows that where such a cull has been attempted the area which rids itself of foxes is soon the new home for different foxes.
I will meet with the RSPCA to explore what else can be done, as I know that this is a real issue of concern for many residents in South Camberwell.

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