Thursday, February 27, 2014

Council Tax Frozen for a 4th Year

At last night's Council Assembly meeting Southwark's Labour councillors voted to freeze council tax for a 4th year in a row - meaning that the average council tax payer is now £400 better off than they would have been if we had imposed inflation-only increases over the same period.

We have frozen council tax in spite of facing some of the toughest cuts from central government of any local authority - more than £79 million has been taken away from us.  To put that into context - that is more than we raise in a year from all of the Council Tax collected in Southwark.

And even though these times are tough financially we have delivered on the promises we made to the residents of Southwark in 2010 - to provide Free Healthy School Meals to every primary school child; to double recycling to 40%; to halve the cost of meals on wheels and to make every council home warm, dry and safe by 2016.

I think we have and continue to demonstrate that Southwark Labour is genuinely on the side of our residents - delivering a fairer future for all.

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