Monday, July 28, 2008

The End of the Grand Pier

A sad morning for me as fire burned down the Grand Pier in my hometown of Weston-super-Mare. Although I can't claim to have been a very frequent visitor to the pier over the years, it was always a visual representation of the town for me and, no doubt, for many other residents and visitors.

The last time I was in Weston it was really evident that the town centre needed some major investment and regeneration, so I was pleased to hear that the pier had been bought by Kerry Michaels, a local businessman, earlier this year. He clearly had plans for major investment on the pier.

I hope that it will soon be rebuilt and not be left to suffer the fate of some other piers which have stood empty or ruined and derelict for many years.

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Peter Gasston said...

Well I never, Peter; Weston is also my home town! Well, almost; I'm actually from the village of Congresbury, but Weston was my nearest town.