Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mobile Surgeries on Ruskin Park House

Next week Veronica and I will be taking our mobile surgeries to Ruskin Park House on Champion Hill. Historically during our visits RPH residents have raised standard issues about recycling, traffic on Champion Hill and local schools, but we have already heard from a number of residents who want to talk to us about threatened increases in leaseholder service charges. Although the block was once GLC and subsequently Southwark Council housing stock, these days the vast majority of residents are leaseholders and the block has its own ownership and management body. It is now in need of some much-needed major repairs and leaseholders look likely to suffer from some hefty bills.

Veronica and I will be looking into what role the Council can play in helping leaseholders with these increased costs - but with huge competition amongst other Southwark housing stock for investment I am not sure what reassurance we will be able to give.

If you are a resident of RPH and want to discuss any concerns please do get in touch.

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