Friday, October 10, 2008

Gordon Brown in Bermondsey

One of the hats I wear is as a Director of the Beormund Community Centre in the north of the borough. Yesterday the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Ed Balls visited the nursery at the centre to see some of the work that is going on there and to speak to some of the parents.

The centre was only notified of the visit the night before, so it was understandable that some of the parents were a bit taken aback to see the PM and the Schools Secretary in the nursery as they dropped their children off! I know we talk about highly qualified nursery staff but...!

Gordon Brown really seems to have turned his fortunes around in the last few weeks, and has shown a deft touch in dealing with the global financial crisis. The UK model unveiled on Wednesday to save the banks seems to be recognised as one that should be followed in other countries.

The visit went well. This is the link to the Number 10 video. I'm the one shuffling around and trying to be a distraction as the PM speaks to camera!!

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