Friday, October 10, 2008

Rotherhithe Ward Result

Congratulations to Wilma Nelson on her election last night as the new LibDem Councillor for Rotherhithe. A really positive and energetic campaign from Labour's Kath Whittam saw her increase the Labour share of the vote by 5.5% - a great result in the difficult economic circumstances.

I was disappointed that Wilma Nelson fought her campaign on the basis of promising to oppose Labour's secret plans to privatise council housing. It really does show again that after six years in power at the Town Hall the LibDems have got nothing positive to offer the people of Southwark. I should make it clear that Labour in Southwark has no plans, either secret or overt, to privatise council housing - and it was a silly bit of scaremongering by the Libs. 'Secret plans' stories are easy to stick on leaflets - if the opposition deny them you can say "well of course you would deny them, because the plans are secret"! But they represent immature politics when they are not based in a single element of fact.

In contrast Kath talked about the issues facing Rotherhithe and demonstrated what a strong grasp she has of the area. I have no doubt that she will be back!

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