Friday, November 07, 2008

Boris Cancels Cross-River Tram

Disastrous news for Southwark yesterday with the announcement by Mayor Johnson that he has cancelled the Cross-River Tram. The tram would have linked Peckham and other parts of Southwark with central London and would have represented a major improvement in public transport in our area.

This really does demonstrate two points. Firstly, Boris Johnson does not care about South London. If he did he would have given his full support to the tram, which was going to be a major element in the regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate. Secondly, he does not care about public transport. Our part of London is badly served by public transport, and the tram would have provided a step change in improving links into the centre of the city.

Following his pathetic proposals on tackling youth crime and public transport generally Mayor Johnson is showing himself to be incapable of doing the job to which he was elected. It's not good enough to have a Mayor of London who is "a bit of a laugh", bumbling about and saying "cripes". It needs a serious politician who will make decisions in the interest of all Londoners. He should be condemned in the strongest terms for failing to deliver the tram.

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labourparty said...

Indeed Cllr John and it wasn't just the cross river tram which felt Boris' axe either:

* A Brixton/Peckham to Camden cross river tram;

* Extensions to the Docklands Light Railway and Croydon Tramlink;

* An east London river crossing, the Thames Gateway Bridge.

More about all this here: