Friday, November 07, 2008

LibDems are Mayor's Biggest Fans!

An extraordinary vote on Wednesday night at Council Assembly saw the LibDems standing up for Mayor Johnson with a simpering amendment supporting all that he has done over the past 6 months, whilst the Tories voted against! It really is laughable to see the LibDems on every side of every issue - trying to be to the left of Labour yet out-Torying the Tories in support of Boris. I simply don't understand where they are coming from and it seems that they don't either!

Given that Boris has done Southwark no favours, particularly with his devastating decision to cancel the Cross-River Tram, the LibDems are demonstrating that they really have lost touch with the residents of our borough.

This was evident again in a debate on the Heyagte Estate at the Elephant and Castle. The Heygate is currently being emptied of residents prior to its demolition. Some 1100 families are being forced out of their homes. Nobody denies that the Heygate needs regeneration. The only problem is that there are currently no plans to rebuild on the site, so there is a real risk that we will have a flattened pile of rubble in the centre of the borough for many years to come. I am afraid that there has been a real failure of political leadership on the Elephant and Castle regeneration over the past 6 1/2 years, and this was summed up by the LibDem Leader of the Council's attempts to blame the Government for the problems at the Heyagte. He seems to have forgotten that the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle is a Southwark Council policy being delivered (supposedly) by Southwark Council. Cllr Stanton's default mode is to blame the Government whenever anything looks like it might be going wrong in Southwark. It really is time he started taking responsibility for the choices and decisions he and his colleagues have been making since 2002.

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