Monday, April 14, 2008

Boris Johnson on East Dulwich Estate - "Who would want to live here?"

Apparently the Tory Mayoral candidate visited the East Dulwich Estate on Dog Kennel Hill on Saturday morning. After looking around the Estate at some of the brilliant work being undertaken by residents at the Albrighton Centre, and visiting some of the blocks which are being regenerated the bemused Boris was heard to comment "Who would want to live here?".

Well Boris, a lot of people have chosen to live and remain on the East Dulwich Estate because of its sense of community, and because of the possibilities which the physical regeneration work offers for improved living conditions.

His comment was an insult to the residents of the Estate, and demonstrates how this Henley Tory is not fit to be Mayor of London.

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Earnest said...

That BoJo (Boris) is no good material for the mayoral position is not in doubt.
I watched the candidates debate last night (24th April) and my candid opinion is that London don't deserve an incoherent, waffling mayor. Of all the questions put through to BoJo, none was answered intelligently or convincingly. One of the audience aptly described him as 'inept' and I agree.
I think the Tory deserve a better candidate. Steve Norris may have lost twice to Ken but he was certainly a dignify candidate not rabble rouser. Only the good Lord can save London if by error of omission or comission or some default BoJo ended up being Mayor. I can only pray - GOD FORBIDS.