Friday, April 04, 2008

Why does LibDem Caroline Pidgeon defend Boris Johnson?

Members of the public attending Wednesday's Council Assembly may have wondered who the front-bench Tory spokesperson was sitting next to Council Leader Nick Stanton. By her votes and interventions this councillor signalled her support for the Tory Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson and all things Conservative - even to the extent of defending his indefensible position in opposing the Kyoto Treaty on Climate change.

Who was this Tory Councillor? None other than a LibDem candidate for the GLA, and any other elected forum that will have her, Caroline Pidgeon.

It is admittedly confusing being a LibDem - as their Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick is finding out. How can he possibly remember what their policy is in Richmond when it is different in Camden or Lambeth? And why on earth should be know who Nick Stanton is when Nick is one of only three LibDem Council leaders in central London!

But such confusion doesn't seem to afflict Caroline Pidgeon. On Wednesday she made it absolutely clear that she supported Boris Johnson and all his barmy ideas. In fact I cannot think of an occasion since 2006 when Caroline hasn't voted at Council Assembly to support the Tory party.

Maybe Caroline has realised that the LibDem Party under yet another hapless new leader is going nowhere and is lining up to defect to the Conservatives. In any event, she clearly demonstrates that if you vote LibDem you get Tory!

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