Monday, April 14, 2008

Camberwell Grove - Latest

I preface this entry by saying, "Don't blame me, I'm only the messenger". Or to be more precise, only the observer and correspondent with various council departments and local residents!

As residents of South Camberwell may have observed the works to limit traffic over the temporarily repaired railway bridge on Camberwell Grove are nearing completion. Two points of concern are the awful green railings installed in the middle of the road and the narrowness of the traffic lane.

On the first point I am hoping that the railings will be painted so that some attempt is made to blend them into the surroundings of the conservation area where they are located. I have been in touch with council officers and await a response! The whole installation of traffic lights, concrete blocks and railings looks like an exhibit for a road furtniture company rather than a sensible traffic 'solution'.

And despite the fact that we were told that traffic had to be able to turn from McNeill Road south into Camberwell Grove, I am not sure how many cars will be able to make that turn and pass safely through the incredibly narrow lane now permitted for cars and vans. The lane looks incredibly narrow now that it has been installed and I am sure that there will be many bumps and scrapes when the road reopens as unwitting drivers try to squeeze through! All of which is no bad thing for those residents who wanted to keep the road closed or who hoped for a more inventive use of the road when it was re-opened. But I anticipate that residents of nearby roads will not see the huge reductions of traffic that they were hoping for.

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Nick said...

I agree with you regarding the unattractive green & silver central railings and hope they can be painted black however I think the narrow lane discouraging traffic is a good thing. The 3-way lights and pedestrian crossings will hold up cars deterring long distance car users from using the Grove and surrounding streets as a rat-run whilst at the same time allowing local vehicle to use the road again without having to detour which is what was creating extra traffic on the surrounding small roads. The left turn from Lyndhurst grove does look a little tight but I am sure it has been measured.